Elbert’s Steak Room
hello and welcome to the steak room! 

i first opened the sliding door to the steak room in 2007. since then, my cozy little restaurant has been a crazy but quiet success. i am very grateful for the wonderful support our customers continue to give us.

when it started, the steak room had just three tables with four seats each. in a matter of months, i added a romantic and secluded corner table for two, and then later expanded with a semi-private room with a round table for eight and a square table for six, and a fully private room with a long table that seats up to eight persons. i also have a really cool bar where six solo diners or three couples can be accommodated at the last minute.

in 2013, i moved the private room to a much larger space in the floor below. i call this the riedel room, which is only the second of its kind in the world.

this room can accommodate up to 14 persons and carries a minimum charge.

adjacent to this private room is our new lounge which features a host of curated spirits and cigars.

reservation is not compulsory but highly recommended. calling in a day or two in advance will ensure you get a table, although there are many instances when walk-ins are easily accommodated.

why the steak room? well, i’m a steak lover and i have always been on the hunt for an outstanding steak experience, not just in the philippines, but in other countries as well. i created the steak room because i made it my personal mission to provide just that.

the steak room specializes in usda-certified premium meats (mostly prime grade) because utmost quality is what we are after. our chefs cook the steaks to medium-rare perfection and serve them with some of the most delicious side dishes and sauces (although most of our customers don’t touch the sauces because the steaks are better enjoyed on their own).

we are primarily a dinner establishment, open 6:30 p.m. onwards, monday to saturday; but we also operate a casual lunch service from monday to friday, serving prime rib and a selection of dishes--spin-offs of our now-famous steaks (we actually use the steak trimmings!)

through this site, we hope to be able to answer any questions you may have about the steak room.

thanks and we hope to see you there!

                        -elbert cuenca